In Russia, the birthplace of vodka, many Russians ascribe medicinal, almost supernatural qualities to vodka. Parents soak cotton balls in vodka and dab them on children to bring down a fever or ease an earache. Vodka with pepper is prescribed for an adult cold; vodka with salt is for an upset stomach. Some nuclear scientist even drank it to protect themselves from radiation poisoning.

We’re not sure about medicinal qualities, but we know that the beginnings of some of the most enchanting and romantic evenings on the planet begin with vodka, and that’s why we crafted Fantasy Vodka. We filter it six times in our unique charcoal filter system to give it an unmatched purity. Then we bottle it in our signature bottle with a lion head sculpted into the glass. With the king of beasts on the bottle, we’re sure you’ll agree Fantasy is a king among vodkas.

Start making your fantasies come true with Fantasy Vodka. With a smooth peppery and citrus finish, Fantasy is great on the rocks. If cocktails are your style, try it in the classic Lemon Drop Martini with a splash of Limoncello, or a Moscow Mule with freshly grated ginger.

Or try Fantasy Vodka “BluTango Style” in shot glasses from a frozen bottle and imagine yourself on a snowy winter’s night at Severyanin in St. Petersburg eating rabbit liver pate with onion marmalade, followed by a midnight stroll past the Winter Palace with the one you love.

Make Fantasy Vodka part of your next fantasy.


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