Fantasy Vodka

As most scholars know, vodka was originally invented in Poland, or Russia but most believe the smooth clear spirit is tied invariably to Russia. But which Russian vodka has the reputation as the best? Making that question more complicated Vodka doesn’t have much flavor. Vodka is distilled in such a way it is supposed to be a neutral flavor, ready to be added with that special combination of mixers and garnishes, or just straight up.

If you set 5 premium vodkas side by side and sip each, you’ll discover little flavor difference between each and if there is a difference it is subtle. Any middle or top-shelf vodka is going to be smooth, especially if you chill before drinking.

So, if you’re not going to base your Russian vodka choice on flavor, what should be the most important consideration? The label, social media, or your past experience?

Consider this, Fantasy Vodka is specially blended 6 times in our unique charcoal-filter system. We had a small hint of delicate pepper flavor and citrus in the end you are left with a delightful full body vodka.

Fantasy Vodka is placed in a classy 750 mL bottle, plus we offer a 1 liter bottle too. Come join us for the best of the best Vodkas that is a class about the rest, Fantasy Vodka®

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