The French tradition of wine making goes back to Roman times and there is no question the French produce some of the finest wines in the world. Recently the French turned their master craftsmanship to spirits and now the French also produce some of the finest vodkas in the world. And that is one reason we are so proud of Arman Vodka.

This finely crafted French grain vodka is distilled six time for extra purity, clarity and balance. To reflect the quality crafted into each bottle we have designed the Arman vodka bottle to look this those fine old cognac bottles the French have been producing for centuries.

Arman is smooth and subtle enough for vodka-on-the-rocks with a twist, but also pairs well with traditional mixers. Enjoy Arman in a hand-mixed Bloody Mary (with a shrimp and freshly grated horseradish), in the quintessential Black Russian (try adding a Bing cherry) or with a more modern twist by adding your choice of Energy Drink.

Or try Arman “BluTango style” in an ice-cold lychee martini with a splash of guava and imagine yourself on a steamy tropical night seated at the bar in the Tippling Club on Tanjong Pangar Road in Singapore plotting an evening’s adventure with your soul mate.

You’ll want to enjoy Arman the way you enjoy your favorite vodka.


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