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We’re not your father’s spirits company. We’ve created a new wine and spirits business and our goal is to be different than those big-name spirits companies you’ve probably heard of. How are we different? Here’s how:

Community – We are more than a business, we’re a community. Our community consists of distillers, producers, employees, partners, resellers and consumers. We help each other, we work with each other, we inform and educate each other, and we have fun together. We welcome you to be part of our community.

Experience – We’re not just selling another alcohol beverage; we’re creating an experience. We invite you to participate in the BluTango experience. Our goal is to create experiences through our brands that improve your lifestyle, whether that be a cocktail at your favorite martini bar, an afternoon in your backyard, or an evening with good friends. We don’t want you to buy the best-selling brand so you can keep up with Jones’. We want you to buy the brand that fits you and your personal style.

Fun – Life is a serious business. Today we all face complex and challenging circumstances, whether that be our careers and families, or our governments, or the people in this world who just can’t seem to get along. So, we’ve set out to have fun. We want our partners to have fun, our employees to have fun and our customers to have fun. We’ll even put fun before profits. That’s just who we are.

Giving Back – We believe it’s not enough to take care of the BluTango community, we have a responsibility to contribute to the betterment of society in general, and to help those who need help to live their dreams. Part of our promotions and part of our profits will always be directed to helping where our help can make a difference.

Integrity – Today when politicians, athletes, business people and even religious leaders engage in unethical, immoral and even illegal behavior, it would seem easy to succumb to adopting that kind of behavior. But we’re taking a stand. We vow to engage in every business transaction, to treat every partner, to treat every employee, and to treat every customer in a manner where we put people above profits and where we do the right thing. We will always ask, “What is the right thing to do?” before we ask “How much will this cost us?”

What We Ask – You have a choice. You can choose what products you take off the shelf, or you order off the menu. We all like certain products. But we ask that you think about the people and the companies behind the products you choose. Do you know the people who run those companies? Do you know they are doing the right thing or will do the right thing? You know who we are and what we believe in. Make your choice BluTango.


Ron Berman has worked in the plastic packaging and beverage industry for over 35 years. In 1996 he founded SaddleSprings Beverage that specialized in manufacturing and filling children’s juice pouches.

In 2011 Mr. Berman became interested in packaging alcoholic beverages in pouches with a straw which lead him in the development of CROCTAILS a “Ready To Drink” alcoholic beverage that won numerous awards within the industry. Mr. Berman is especially skilled in product development, manufacturing, operations and most important, team building. Over the years SaddleSprings successfully manufactured and shipped nearly 1 billion kids pouches in private label for such famous brand names as Hawaiian Punch, Nestle Juicy Juice, Motts Apple Juice, Honest Kids and many more. His knowledge of the flexible packaging and beverage business lead him to develop over 100 patents in both spouted and non-spouted pouches for liquids and he eventually sold his portfolio to Robert Bosch Packaging Technology, a multi-billion-dollar conglomerate in Germany.

Ron Berman Chairman & CEO

Jim Cover As an attorney and interim executive Jim has taken ventures from concept to go-to-market stage, managed start-ups and helped increase the net worth of multiple clients by over $250 million through enterprise design and structuring, business development and transactions, operational improvements, mergers and His background includes helping companies reorganize to regain market position and profits to prepare for an exit.

Jim Cover VP Legal Counsel


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