Alcohol beverage industry veterans and founding shareholders, Mr. Harold “Corky” Graff and Mr. Ronald Berman, along with Mr. Michael Manahan, today announced the launch of BluTango, Inc., a producer and importer of specialty alcohol beverages (

BluTango Inc. is in the business of developing, licensing, manufacturing, marketing and selling, domestically and internationally, a variety of alcohol beverages. Its product lineup includes both proprietary products and products licensed from other manufacturers. The products are broken down into two product categories: Lifestyle Brands and Signature Brands.

Commenting on the announcement, Mr. Berman, founder and chief executive officer of BluTango, stated, “The alcohol beverage market is changing. We’ve seen a renaissance in the beer industry with craft brewers leading the market. That same transformation is occurring in the distilled spirits market, with small premium brands generating most of the growth in the 200 billion dollar US alcohol beverage market. Our product line focuses on this growing segment of the market.”

Industry research show consumer are moving from traditional major brands to craft producers, are seeking innovative new products, are actively experimenting with different products genres, are learning more about spirits through social media and the Internet (the “knowledge based” consumer), and are purchasing directly or finding retailers online.

Mr. Graff, founder and senior vice president of sales, said, “Our marketing strategy is focused on these changing consumer trends. As a small company with products in some of the hottest market segments, such as Irish Whiskey and Tequila, we plan to engage today’s consumers through education, information and participation in active social media and face-to-face customer experiences.”

Part of BluTango’s strategy is to offer independent brand-holders a “One Stop Solution” to manage, market and sell their brands. The brand-holder manufactures the product and through our organization BluTango provides brand management, promotion, marketing and sales. Its services allow the brand-holder to focus on production and alleviates the brand-holder from having to manage marketing and sales in the complex US three tier alcohol beverage distribution system.

Mr. Berman, said, “Small independent distillers have trouble getting their products exposed to the market. We are partnering with those small distillers, and in some cases taking an ownership interest in their products, to give them the marketing muscle they need to grow their brands. In addition, we have a number of our own flagship products, including French Pastry, a line of cream based liqueurs, and CrocTAILS, a line of pre-mixed cocktails.”

Mr. Manahan, founder, president and chief financial officer of the company, commented, “I am thrilled to be working with Corky and Ron. BluTango is one of the most exciting companies I have seen in my career as a financial strategist and advisor to entrepreneurs. The timing could not be better for us to enter the dynamic changing world of alcohol beverages.”

BluTango – A different name for a different beverage company. Providing select alcohol based beverages to specialty markets and discerning customers. Drink BluTango – its more than a beverage, its and experience. For more information go to